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RPA, Cognitive & AI technology is the next frontier for businesses looking to streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately improve the bottom-line.

RPA typically uses artificial intelligence to handle repetitive, rules-based, back-office tasks. And the market is about to experience a period of "explosive" growth.

The RPA market grew 64 percent to $200 million last year and is expected to grow 70 to 90 percent by 2018 because successful pilot projects are inspiring buyer confidence in the technology, the consulting and research firm reports.

However, there are some barriers to adoption, such as IT departments concerned about data security and loss of control. Plus, replacing staff with robots in some sectors, such as government, could become a political minefield.

Join us at RPA Summit in October to hear from subject matter experts currently evaluating RPA for their businesses in areas such as Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation, etc.


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Monday, 22 October, 2018
Topic Abstract

Effective deployment of mobile robots remains an open problem, especially in unstructured scenarios where factors such as the presence of untrained personnel, unexpected obstructions and uncontrolled variations in environment parameters (such as lighting and surface reflectance) cannot be ruled out. This presentation will provide an overview of Cyberworks Robotics' self-driving retrofit kit for the Chariot 3 industrial scrubber, the intended use case, its inherent challenges, solutions adopted and lessons learned.

Speaker Profile

HelioPerroniFilho graduated in Computer Science at the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES) in Brazil in 2004, where he also completed his M.Sc. in 2010. Between 2013 and 2016 he lived in Japan, where he earned a Ph.D. degree at the University of Tsukuba; back to Brazil, took part the IARA autonomous driving project from UFES' High Performance Computing Laboratory (LCAD) in 2017. Helio worked in the Brazilian TI industry from 2001 to 2008, and as a software engineer in LG Electronics' mobile devices branch from 2008 to 2013. He moved to Canada in 2018, after joining Cyberworks Robotics, where he currently works as senior robotics engineer.

HelioPerroniFilho, PhD, Senior Robotics Engineer, Cyberworks Robotics Inc
Topic Abstract

This session will identify 3 types of RPA Robots: Web, Process and Content. The session will outline a roadmap to identify a successful project which delivers ROI, Cost Reduction and the elimination of Manual Processes. Real use cases will be shared to provide further collateral for the initiation of your first RPA project.

Speaker Profile

Business Development Executive working in Data Capture, Content Management and RPA for over 8 years. I enjoy educating Senior Finance Executives about the benefits of Process Automation to increase productivity, reduce costs and streamline their businesses. With RPA awareness snowballing in acceptance in the marketplace, there is a great need to educate future users on how to best position themselves and their businesses to take full advantage of the capabilities of the technology. INTEGRIM as a North American leader in Process Automation recently rolled out Robots as a Service (RaaS) supported by our SenSaaS! Cloud platform to make it even easier for businesses to embrace this exciting technology in a very cost effective manner.


Michael Goba, Director, Business Development, Ontario and Western Canada, INTEGRIM
Topic Abstract

3 Step Discover Model - Discover + Assess + Plan: The integrated model provides a step by step approach to identifying the right process for automation.

Discover - To understand business landscape, gather process and technology details to determine the long list of process for automation potential and feasibility (ROI, Benefits, Savings).

Assess - To assess the E2E process to check the automation technological feasibility to derive RPA potential benefits.

Plan - To devise a process delivery plan for solution design and implementation.

Speaker Profile

Basky is a manager with more than 19 years of progressive experience in Robotic Process Automation, RPA CoE Implementation, Program Management, Service Delivery Operations, Business Excellence, and Analytics. He is certified in Blue Prism ROM Architect, Prince2 project management and Six Sigma and has significant experience overseeing and executing large transformational and strategic projects.

Basky is a project management expert and has extensive experience with program management strategy, executive communication, change management, process design and process re-engineering.

Relevant Experience:

RPA CoE Setup Delivery Lead for a Canadian integrated energy company:

- Responsible for establishing a RPA Centre of Excellence and building RPA model
- Established project risk management framework and capability for the project and supporting workstreams
- Lead and design vendor management, demand & delivery management structure

RPA Discovery Lead - Leading Australian multinational bank in Australia:

- Leading Robotics Process Automation (Pre Discovery and Detailed Discovery) along with identifying other potential opportunities. Which includes validating the process, developing heat map, workshop based process deep drive opportunity assessment, complexity identification and developing business case, implementation plan

Delivery Lead for a French multinational corporation in energy

- Led assessment of shared service center to identify opportunities to drive additional value through process and operating model improvements.
- Conducting detailed risk assessments leveraging business process,
- Responsible for establishing and managing the project risk management function, including reporting, risk and issue mitigation, etc.

Program PMO for a Global freight forwarding and supply chain company

- Led large program which consisted of several significant Lean Six Sigma, Prince2 projects and portfolios
- Responsible for reporting risks and issues across projects and workstreams to key stakeholders and governance forums

Worked with project managers to ensure risks and issues were managed and mitigated

Baskaran Pachiappan, Robotic Process Automation & Program Management, Accenture Inc
Topic Abstract

Implementing RPA quickly and effectively can be achieved after interviews are conducted which highlight business processes and potential for automation. Quality research conducted before rolling out automation will help advise stakeholders and senior management on benefits and savings, as well as define the business view of RPA solution design. Choosing the right tools for your RPA can also limit the difficulty of implementation, thus it's important to understand the maturity, limitations, and emerging development trends for the software selected to assist your business. This talk will include real use-cases from businesses of all sizes and help put some of your RPA implementation anxiety at ease.

Speaker Profile

Dimitri is an experienced Business Systems Analyst with a multidisciplinary Information Technology background. An innovative and strategic planner who can help corporations improve operational workflows through a variety of affordable technologies. Able to effectively bridge the worlds of IT and business administration. Dimitri Bekiropoulos, Mach RPA, Softomotive
Topic Abstract

Current breakthroughs in modern Natural Language Processing has allowed Deep Learning to tackle historically infeasible tasks such as language translation. Using Machine Translation, the high dimensional field of language translation has advanced tremendously. This talk explains Machine Translation and its applications in not only RPA, but in our everyday lives.

Speaker Profile

Amit Maraj works as a professor at Durham College and is currently pursuing his PhD in Computer Science with a specialization in Natural Language Processing (NLP). He is also the founder and CEO of Oiika Inc., an uber-like teaching and learning online platform. He has rich experience working with Modern day Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). His specific interests include NLP using deep learning. Amit has spoken as AI guest speaker at several Universities in Ontario. He has created several fully documented Machine Learning examples, which are hosted publicly on GitHub for use by students. Amit has helped companies in developing an AI-based foundation within their daily operations. He has worked specifically with the companies operating in the healthcare sector to develop AI based solutions to increase patient care and satisfaction. Amit is passionate in the research and development of AI to enrich our everyday lives. Amit Maraj, CEO & Founder, Oiika


Tuesday, 23 October, 2018
Topic Abstract

Over 90% of Canadian jobs fall under Small & Medium Enterprises, yet overwhelming majority of this workforce is occupied doing mundane tasks. How can business owners overcome complexities of AI and up the game? My talk will cover some practical examples of AI applications.

Speaker Profile

Nishkam is a story-teller with an avid interest in ecommerce technology, particularly AI. He has hands on experience in business applications of AI and has helped many small & medium enterprises (SME) to implement AI systems. He heads Canadian operations of a digital media agency, and also leads a branding company called GrayCyan. GrayCyan has helped several clients in the fashion and skincare/beauty industry building their brand. Nishkam has particularly been empathetic towards SMEs, which don't always get a lot of support from the ecosystem to expand. He has worked as SME consultant in that he helped Canadian SMEs build their ecommerce business in foreign markets. To complement it all, he gained experience in logistics & supply chain working with UPS, the world's largest courier company. He has master's degrees in engineering and business. Nishkam Batta, Partner, Buzo
Topic Abstract

Building AI, Machine Learning or Advanced Analytics application needs meticulous planning on selection of tools, which includes both Software and Hardware stack. Success of an application is a function of its architectural design, including consideration around the consumption and business value. In essence, one single approach do not fit every use case, organizations with mature Advanced Analytics capabilities deligently design their solution to achieve greater adoption across the enterprise. Our presentation will pick few use cases and demonstrate solution architecture for each of them and draw degree of variance between each of those cases. Riaz A. Khan, Global Principal Architect & CTO, Architecture, Digital Strategy & Innovation, Dell Technologies
Topic Abstract

RPA is a driver of doing more "repetitive" task with less and more "effectively"

Outsourcing is a driver of getting things organized and tied by SLA to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

RPA is a new took kit within Outsourcing to enhance efficiency and effectiveness

Various factors that made Outsourcing companies way more successful in implementing RPA as against the purchasing organization.

- Preserving my team attitude is less
- Political and compensation are heavily linked to driving efficiency vs keeping things moving
- Talent attracted by outsourcer is a good mix of tech and domain. End organizations generally end up having process owners as SMEs. There are conflicts with the desired outcomes
- Outsourcing org are doing it for more than 1 organization. They have the CoEs built. Plan-do-learn-correct-plan cycle is proving very costly for end organizations
- Implementation of RPA, which in some cases may result in adverse staff impact, shields the end organization from getting a space on negative press.

Keeping in line with the old outsourcing wisdom, we are already seeing differentiation between rudimentary RPA being outsourced and more complex automation, mostly AI/ ML which brings serious competitive advantage being nurtured in-house by the end organizations. Gaurav Juneja, Client Partner, Consulting and SI Services, CGI
Topic Abstract

Current practices to adopt RPA and stages of automation including barriers to scale up RPA will be discussed in this session. The need for a standard and powerful process management tool to streamline processes across functions and teams will also be discussed. A discussion of RPA and AI development and deployment strategies will cover do’s and don’ts and a model for governance. Practical examples of automation in real business environments, along with lessons learned will allow the participants to take advantage of the opportunities this technology evolution brings. Dr. Vipin Suri, Managing Director & Group CEO, SSI (China)
Dr. Marianne Elia, President and CEO, SSI Advisors Inc.


The RPA Conferences features insightful talks by recognized thought-leaders addressing the actual developments and trends in RPA. Discussions and presentations by a variety of speakers at a series of past and upcoming events elucidate solution based details that will help you face RPA challenges with confidence. You will find a mix of speakers from diverse organizations sharing their real experiences and expert insights with the event participants.

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