Robotic process automation (RPA) technology is the next frontier for businesses looking to streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately improve the bottom-line.

RPA typically uses artificial intelligence to handle repetitive, rules-based, back-office tasks. And the market is about to experience a period of "explosive" growth.

The RPA market grew 64 percent to $200 million last year and is expected to grow 70 to 90 percent by 2018 because successful pilot projects are inspiring buyer confidence in the technology, the consulting and research firm reports.

However, there are some barriers to adoption, such as IT departments concerned about data security and loss of control. Plus, replacing staff with robots in some sectors, such as government, could become a political minefield.

Join us at RPA Summit in April to hear from subject matter experts currently evaluating RPA for their businesses in areas such as Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation, etc.



Tuesday, 24 April, 2018

Robotic process automation (RPA) has been found to be useful for tasks that involve structured digital data, follow pre-defined rules and need minimal decision making. But in a not-so-perfect world, some data may be unstructured. Some scenarios are so diverse that there are hundreds or thousands of combinations and decision points. Rules may be difficult to define at times. Will your RPA project then be doomed for failure? Bring in A.I. (artificial intelligence) to complement the conventional RPA features, so that you can handle more than just simple structured data and simple decision making. This talk will shed light on how you can harness the prowess of A.I. to make RPA projects cover greater scope to bring more impact and success.

Speaker Profile:

Christopher Lim is the Co-Founder of Glee Trees Pte. Ltd. He is the "father" of Gleematic, the company's flagship product, which is Singapore's first home-grown Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). He has been a serial-entrepreneur for almost 15 years with experience managing overseas teams and working with global partners and distributors. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration, Post-graduate Diploma in Statistics & Data Mining, and Bachelor of Science Degree in Computing. He is keenly interested in how robots and A.I. are changing the landscape of work, and enjoying his entrepreneurial journey. Christopher Lim, Co-Founder, Glee Trees Pte. Ltd.

Market feedback on RPA so far
What are some of the risks in implementing RPA
What are some of the lessons learnt in RPA implementations
Considerations in determining the ownership of RPA program
How do you setup a centre of excellence to govern the RPA

Speaker Profile:

Shihar heads the Intelligent Automation practice at KPMG Singapore. He has over 10 years of experience in leading large scale digital transformation projects in Banking and Finance sector. He helps clients on their investments in Robotic and Cognitive automations, with the aim of achieving strategic outcomes on Customer Experience, Revenue, Quality etc. Having started his RPA journey over 3 years ago, he is often sought for his insights and expertise at industry events. Shihar Azmi, Associate Director | Intelligent Automation practice, KPMG
This will be an interactive session where participants will join a table to discuss the round table topic - Robotic Process Automation . Each table has a "Topic Guru" to facilitate the discussion. Amit Agarwal, Leading Provider of Business and IT Solutions
Christopher Lim, Co-Founder, Glee Trees Pte. Ltd.
Shihar Azmi, Associate Director | Intelligent Automation practice, KPMG

Analysts predict that disruptive technologies like Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, could potentially automate the work of 110-140 million FTEs (Full Time Equivalent) by 2025. RPA is a new breed of technology that promises to be easily scalable, increase efficiency and reduce cost, but a correspondingly high risk of failure if not efficiently implemented. The success of any RPA initiative depends on the depth, detail, and feasibility of its implementation plan and the commitment of the organization towards its timely execution.

This talk summarizes seven lessons which C-Suite must know about RPA – a technology utterly different than others to date

Speaker Profile

Amit Agrawal has over 20 years of experience in Financial Services. Amit's experience included working with leading tier 1 banks and delivered many automated solutions across the region. During this period, he had held several corporate positions in technology-related companies. He had the privilege to work with senior industry leaders from different professional and diverse cultural backgrounds. He holds a Master's Degree in Finance and Electronics Engineer. He is PMP and CSM certified. Amit's is keenly interested in understanding how emerging technologies like RPA, AI and Machine Learning will be re-shaping ‘Regulatory Compliance’ and its impact. Amit Agarwal, Leading Provider of Business and IT Solutions
Speaker Profile:

Balaji is a Managing Director at Softomotive Robotics Process Automation Pvt Ltd (APAC).

He has experience across Domain, Consulting and Technology from Big 4 Technology consulting firms and currently have established Softomotive India & APAC Operations with premium delivery Implementation and Support.

While his main focus is on existing and new opportunities for Softomotive’s Robotic Process Automation in India & Asia pacific, he has successfully ensured consistent growth in the number of Sales, Partnership and working on Strategy & Operations in India & Asia Pacific. Balaji drives the strategic roadmap for robotics adoption for his clients and helps them in their journey of automation. Over 10 years of experience in the Intelligent Automation, Innovation, Delivery, and Operations for enterprise solutions. Balaji Hariharan, Managing Director, Softomotive Robotics Process Automation Pvt Ltd (APAC)
Topic Abstract

Often failure of Robots are due design, especially for a complex process.
Do we just break it down the as it is process into the simpler processes, or re-imagine the process?
5 Principles for designing the BOTS for a complex process.

Speaker Profile

Bala in a Banking Industry veteran with his international experience spanning across Treasury - Liquidity and Capital Management, Product Control and Valuation control across London, Tokyo, Singapore and Johannesburg.

He specialises in bringing innovation to CFO landscape through Robotics Process Automation RPA, Data Science and Machine learning solution for Finance and Risk area. Bala Iyer, CEO, FINBOTS AI PTE Ltd
Speaker Profile

Terence is a serial entrepreneur and inventor who started several successful start-up businesses. He begin his career as a marine engineer and then a chemical/optics/production manager as well as other engineering position, he accumulated a wealth of engineering knowledge and expertise in diverse field. He served as the Managing Director of 7 Corporation, a company specialised in International Trade since 2013. In 2018, he merge the other business activities of Laser Logic and Alpha Digital with the operation of 7 Corporation to focus on Solarite Technologies, a new start up company focusing on renewable energy. Terence Ong, Founder, Solarite Technologies Pte. Ltd


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