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Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) technology is the next frontier for businesses looking to streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately improve the bottom-line.

IRPA typically uses artificial intelligence to handle repetitive, rules-based, back-office tasks. And the market is about to experience a period of "explosive" growth.

The IRPA/RPA market grew 64 percent to $200 million last year and is expected to grow 70 to 90 percent by 2020 because successful pilot projects are inspiring buyer confidence in the technology, the consulting and research firm reports.

However, there are some barriers to adoption, such as IT departments concerned about data security and loss of control. Plus, replacing staff with robots in some sectors, such as government, could become a political minefield.

Join us at IRPA Online Summit in July to hear from subject matter experts currently evaluating IRPA for their businesses in areas such as Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation, etc.

While Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) is often the first tool to garner investment as it leads to quick wins with a lower investment, IRPA is only one tool in the automation toolbox, and this event covers the gamut of intelligent automation technologies including cognitive, machine learning, AI, and more.


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Thursday, 09 July, 2020
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Topic Abstract :

How to embed trust into Intelligent Automation operations . I can elaborate on the various AI frameworks in to the operating model ( for e.g. MAS FEAT framework - i can discuss a real life case study for a regional bank who has adopted this framework with our help.

Topic Abstract

During Process Identification, we come across various processes which could not be an ideal candidate for automation. So how to deal with those kind of process? Lets talk about it.

Speaker Profile

Pritesh is Cognitive (RPA and AI) evangelist He is technology professional with experience in delivering end to end Robotics Process Automation across financial, healthcare, government, retail services. He holds Master of Science in Computing (First Class) and also certified Automation developer. Pritesh is result oriented leader leading developer team and providing enterprise grade solutions for client and converting there manual, repetitive and labor intensive task into automated scripts increasing process efficiency, reducing cost in turn increasing productivity and helping clients to use their resources in value oriented task.

Topic Abstract:

Organisations are not only continuing to use RPA, but are moving beyond by seeking to ramp up deployment of intelligent automation. So what are the barriers that organisations need to overcome to achieve that potential - people and leadership, technology and operating model through to data and the overall approach to automation that each business pursues.

Topic Abstract

The session will explore how the path to ”Future of work” is likely to shape up and what can we do to get ready to welcome it and benefit from what promises to be monumental changes.

Topic Abstract

In this session, we will discuss the key steps for building a successful Cognitive Enterprise.

Speaker Profile

Divya Rajagopal leads the AI and Automation Practice for IBM in India South Asia. In this role, she leads the development and deployment of a digital workforce that is helping IBM and its clients transform to a cognitive enterprise. With over 20 years of experience in enterprise IT, her focus is on leveraging automation and AI to continually reinvent and transform business and IT processes.
Specialties: Cognitive computing, IBM Watson, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Workforce, Business Process Re-engineering,Agile Delivery, Cloud and DevOps, Solution development,Consulting.
Divya Rajagopal details for above agenda

Topic Abstract

All investment banks have RPA in their agenda as part of their transformation journey. I would like to share my experience and what are dos and don'ts while applying RPA to any business process within the bank. I applied it to securitization process and would walk audience through what challenges i faced and how we solved them and deploy RPA scripts in production.

Speaker Profile

Technology Services Engagement Manager with 15+ years of experience in leading successful projects covering Personalized Omni-Marketing, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation, and; Software Development.

Helped in resolving complex business problems of diverse scope where analysis of data requires evaluation of identifiable factors. Demonstrate good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.

Topic Abstract

The key principles for a successful and sustainable RPA implementation would be first to agree on an operating model with the key stakeholders. Often not involving the IT application owners in the landscape, the information security officers and process owners lead to re-work, unmanageable risks and inefficient process automations. Choosing the right operating model for the organization with agreement about roles/responsibilities of the key stakeholders and having a governance framework would ensure that the business owner gets a clear picture of their returns, risks, operational efforts, and efficiencies promised.

Speaker Profile

Lakshmi has 10+ years experience in Technology, Financial Markets and Banking as a Technical Project Manager
Her key skills and strengths are:
1) Setting up IT project delivery teams, manage budgets/resourcing/environment, use agile delivery methodology, carry stakeholder engagement, manage training /mentor teams for successful delivery of workflow applications.
2) Innovation specialist - Actively engages with Startup eco-system to carry evaluation for internal demand matches, Co-lead of DB Innovation labs for India. Tech stack delivery experience on Hazelcast / IBM ODM / IBM BPM / Angular JS / Java / Oracle / Sql / Cognos driving BPM /Robotic Process Automation as a CoE
3) Rigourous planner to ensure production stability is ascertained for every project delivery by carrying exhaustive performance tests. Diligent planner to ensure successful Operational acceptance of the project by having close feedback with product owner groups
4) Service Transition specialist, Non-Functional requirements champion for Production Support
5) Excellent attention to detail and understanding of subject matter allowing innovation, flexibility, and well-reasoned decision making. Committed, responsible team player with first class interpersonal skills.
6) Passionate about Women in Tech, Active participant in Gracehopper conference for India as track member and Program manager for Deutsche Bank.

Topic Abstract

How to use annual budget docs, IG reports to identify use cases, different strategies to deal with unionized workforce, differences between private sector and govt clients etc.

Topic Abstract

Having spent around 8 years on helping many companies around the globe setup CoEs and adapt the RPA technology, I have seen organizations rise up fast but also fall down pretty fast because they try to run before the learn walking. RPA is a different beast and is not your typical devops or SDLC kind of IT implementation and management. It adopts Rapid Application Development Methodologies to a certain extent but for the most part is very agile in nature. CoEs that harbor internal hiring and training of resources to kick start operations prosper longer durations of times and strengthens over time compared to CoEs that adopts federated model of implementation. RPA has evolved to be more than just simple desktop based automation tool with a few clicks and configurations. RPA industry is slowly moving towards becoming a More hybrid Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) which leans on adopting AI concepts and methods to complement RPA to yield better results in terms of ROI realization and efficiency gains for organizations.

Topic Abstract

Intelligent Automation (IA) helps companies realize the next wave of operational efficiency, experience true insight from data rich analytics and accelerate their digital evolution. Intelligent solutions can emulate human behavior, make decisions and learn from experience.

Organizations interested in achieving operational efficiencies in their business and IT processes through Intelligent Automation employ a three-phased strategy. The first phase involves assessing the current level of process automation maturity and identification of pilot quick win opportunities to begin the Intelligent Automation journey. The second phase is to identify what the major business/IT processes are and align them along the Do-Think-Learn service continuum. The last part of the strategy is to define a roadmap using the crawl, walk and run framework. This session enables participants to learn the evolution from Standard process automation using Robotics to Enhanced intelligent automation using machine learning and artificial intelligence through real-life case study examples.

Topic Abstract

Realisation of RoI for an RPA implementation can vary substantially depending on the strategy adopted. The same RPA can end up becoming the hero or the villain depending on the script that program planner write. We would touch upon some factors which will help an organisation relish its first taste of RPA and want more

Speaker Profile

Ada Lim is the Co-Founder of Glee Trees Pte. Ltd. She is in love with Gleematic, the company’s intelligent robot, and spreads word about it as its Marketing Director. She is a serial-entrepreneur as she has spent half her career in companies she has co-founded. Her previous venture was a public-relations agency focusing on technology.

Ada has more than 10 years of experience as a marketer and communications specialist. She holds an M.B.A. from University of Strathclyde (Scotland) and B.Eng from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). Ada Lim is keenly interested in how robots and A.I. are changing the landscape of work.

Glee Trees Pte Ltd is a Singapore-born software company and a pioneer in Asian cognitive automation, with a proprietary product “Gleematic” – an A.I-enabled cognitive automation solution. Founded and started in 2016, Gleematic has grown 10x number of customers in many industry sectors all over Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Topic Abstract

A historical look at technological advancement through the ages and how this applies to the 4th Industrial Revolution specific, and why IPA won’t last to the 5th.

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