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23 September, 2021
Global Online Live Conference

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit - ANZ

23 September, 2021
Global Online Live Conference

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit - ANZ

23 September, 2021
Global Online Live Conference

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit - ANZ

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Briefly Know About This Event

Our hearts and thoughts remain with those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide. In the past months,1point21GWS has been organizing conferences on Virtual platform.

Don’t miss Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit!

Get both the bird’s-eye view & the deep expertise you need to take your Automation career to the next level with "Future of Work"

RPA is really as simple - and powerful - as it sounds. Robotic Process Automation enables you with tools to create your own software robots to automate any business process. They log into many applications and more. RPA is also non-intrusive in nature, helping cut through the complexity of legacy systems, which are difficult and costly to replace.

Our Conference will be one of the largest gathering of its kind for Business stakeholders, RPA Program Leads, RPA developers and IT professionals in ANZ. Experts and leaders of International repute from some of leading companies will be attending as delegates and speakers, so join us for an amazing experience and RPA Solutions.

Theme - RPA- Technology, Tools & Architecture / RPA Tutorial / Training / Workshop

About 1.21GWs

1.21GWs(1point21gws.com) is a technology consulting firm based in Australia, India and Americas.

Why this unique name - 1point21gws?

Our CEO Says – "1.21GWS (1point21gws), the name is inspired by the all-time hit time-travelling movie "Back to the Future". As in the movie, the protagonists required 1.21 GWs of power to move in time, this company provides the 'right' knowledge and content needed to build the world of the future."

Automatorr Company Profile
“Automatorr.com is an RPA platform that connects RPA Experts and Automation Products with business owners looking to automate their business processes.”

website : https://automatorr.com/

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Conference Schedule (23 September, 2021)

Theme - RPA- Technology, Tools & Architecture / RPA Tutorial / Training / Workshop

( All time mentioned in Melbourne Time zone )

X Speaker Profile

My work focuses on public policy and foresight for emerging technologies. Areas of interest/expertise include #futures studies, #foresight, #biopolitics, #spacepolicy and #smartcities. Skills include public policy analysis, public speaking, workshop facilitation, online webinars, and foresight analysis and scenario building. Co-Investigator on a Marsden-funded project to analyze the global debate on the ethical and regulatory challenges of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS).

X Topic Abstract

X Speaker Profile

Rajesh has led and managed various Automation deployments over the last 12 years. Rajesh is an expert in automation cost assessments, deal strategy, pricing and automation delivery. He has 20+ years of experience in Business process outsourcing (BPO) and Customer Experience (CX) space.

X Topic Abstract

Digitisation and automation opportunity in Finance is much more than AP and AR.
Future of Finance is a hot topic. Most finance professionals have heard that ‘automation/robotics’ will unlock new opportunities for finance functions to add value, reduce cost and make quicker, better decisions. a recent survey found that over 50% of finance executives feel that they need more information to understand the opportunity and plan for success. The market is also flooded with examples of automating Shared Services functions like Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, but less is spoken about higher end finance tasks that require data manipulation, data wrangling, exception reporting, automated data analytics etc. So much is possible if you know how.
The goal of RPA/automation isn't just to 'process data quicker', it should be (and can be) to ENABLE better finance business partnering through more informed analysis and insights.
Michael will use his deep experience as a Chartered Accountant and Financial Professional coupled with Data Interactive's expertise in fit-for-purpose Automation Platforms, to provide examples of real outcomes that have been delivered, how to structure a finance focused Automation Project for success and 3 key tips to achieving measurable results.

Speaker profile

Michael is the CEO of Data Interactive a boutique business advisory firm and his career spans over 20 years servicing large corporates in various consulting roles across audit, tax and business management and more recently Business Process Automation.
Michael investigated the emerging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) industry in 2014-15 and the types of ‘Tech’ (RPA/Intelligent Automation technologies) available and in late 2015 Michael created the Data Interactive Group to help Australian businesses ‘unlock the value of data’ through RPA and Automation Platforms
Today Data Interactive is a boutique Digital Process Automation (DPA) firm providing Process Automation advisory services (Strategy, Readiness, Tool Selection), Implementation and Support as well as ‘Robotics as a Service’ offerings.
Uniquely, Data Interactive is vendor agnostic and an authorised reseller of 13 different Automation technologies and platforms - the broadest breadth of automation tools in Australia. This ensures independent advice on the ‘Best-Fit’ DPA solution is given EVERY time. This vendor agnostic approach, coupled with a business outcomes led consulting approach (ie not technologist led) is a cornerstone of Data Interactive’s attractiveness to clients and ensures project success occurs when business results are delivered, not the new 'tech' implemented.
Data Interactive’s clients include entities such as ASX top 50 corporates, major local governments, $1bn health care provider, major retailers.
Michael’s insight and ‘best fit’ Automation tool perspective has led to invitations to speak at various business conferences/events:

Australian Shared Services Association (ASSA),
Corporate Tax Association (CTA),
Tax Institute of Australia (TIA)
Suncorp Group’s National Sunrise event,
Queensland Local Government Internal Audit conference
Institute of Chartered Accountants CFO series
RPA/Intelligent Automation conference Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
Insuretech Sydney and Melbourne
Virtual Finance World Summit 2019 and 2020
CPA Australia – Brisbane IT Discussion Group
Finance Strategic Leaders program

X Topic Abstract

All financial services companies have RPA in their agenda as part of their transformation journey. I would like to share my experience on what are lessons leant by few early adopters while applying RPA to any business process within their company. I applied it to complex business process and would walk audience through what challenges i faced and how I solved them and deployed RPA scripts in production as early adopters.
In this session, I will walk audience through the challenges faced and how to solve common issues in any solution to help deploy RPA scripts in production.

X Topic Abstract

Working Smarter - Digitalisation in Finance
AI-powered automation is shaking the business across the world, enforcing the shift in how people run their operations to leverage AI-enabled automation. However, AI allows to throw away redundant manual processes that are energy/time-consuming. With AI, people work smarter and get greater output, including and especially in Finance industry. A lot of manual transactions can be automated and done in seconds, hundreds of documents that usually take hours even days to process can be done in minutes, and decision-making process that used to take days can be done in seconds. All because of the use of AI: Machine Learning for data analytics, NLP for text analytics, and Image Recognition for authentication or security. Empowering Finance industry with AI-powered automation, will create better value for everyone on everything.

Speaker Profile

Christopher Lim is the Co-Founder of Glee Trees Pte. Ltd. He is the “father” of Gleematic, the company’s flagship product, which is Singapore’s first home-grown Cognitive Automation (Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software with Artificial Intelligence). He has been a serial-entrepreneur for almost 15 years with experience managing overseas teams and working with global partners and distributors. He has always wanted to contribute to the community by creating products that can make life easier, and with Gleematic AI – he and his team are bringing ease to community by leveraging cognitive automation to make their business processes easier, faster, and smarter.

X Topic Abstract

How to configure simple or complex automations that will not break between different applications versions, the current architecture that most businesses adapt and my view about the best architecture for a better Intelligent automation future.

Speaker Profile

Software Engineer. Customer Experience, Computer science and RPA Expert applying Robotics Process Automation and AI to improve Organisations Performance and Services.
Digital transformation and Enterprise Architecture passionate.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and several programming languages Expert.
EMEA wide Experience, Deep industry knowledge of customer needs and service providers constraints.

X Topic Abstract

RPA in business enables a partnership between robots and human workers, allowing humans to focus on what they can do the best. Once RPA is implemented in an organization, the first questions we come across are what the robot will do and what the human workers do when their tasks are automated? Robots are best at getting the tedious, repetitive, high volume tasks automated with a high efficiency and accuracy level. While the robots take care of the manual tasks, the human workers can stop worrying about the painful mundane activities. The human workers can focus on face-to-face discussions with people to develop strategic solutions to manage the business.

Speaker Profile

Rajaneesh is a highly seasoned Robotic Process Automation specialist with 14+ years of experience in Software Engineering. Having excellent quality and process oriented mindset, implemented RPA in various projects. Rajaneesh is an UiPath certified advanced RPA Developer and a proud MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for the year 2020 announced by RPA giant UiPath.

X Topic Abstract

What’s it like to start RPA & reach 350+ bots in less than 3 years. How is it to be the women in RPA side, what’s it like? When the industry itself is so small Switch careers from non-tech to tech, Career Mapping Finance AP Journey, Take the robot out of the Human.

X Topic Abstract

Speaker will cover the following subjects:
1: Brief history of RPA and its relationship with Artificial Intelligence
2: Why RPA is important part of digital journey
3: RPA alternatives beyond big 3 (AA, BP and UiPath)

Speaker Profile

Rohit Garg is a Techno-Functional-Banker and started his career with Citibank Corporate and Investment banking. In his current role as Vice President, at RRD, he manages a number of financial services teams. As a speaker he regularly shares his views on the impact of automation on the financial services industry.

X Topic Abstract

In the digital reality, technology is no longer just the enabler and it is what it is to be human, the ability to continuously learn and evolve. The approaches and techniques that worked yesterday, may no longer be the optimum approach for the future. Historically, human processes have been based on linear, sequential activities highly suitable to be replaced by digital engineering practices such as Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL). However, robots are no longer mimicking human behaviors, but far surpassing our greatest expectations, traditional hardware and software are now becoming independent self-aware intelligent entities as they continue to journey towards the Singularity. Organisations are investing in adopting cognitive services, these intelligent algorithms to understand and interpret your business needs through natural languages are help drive omni-channel delivery that are extremely responsive to customer sentiment. Blurring the boundaries with Intelligent Operations (AI) and Enterprise A.I adoption becoming ever more prevalent and resilient in the face of unpredictable failure modes, whilst still being able to process huge amounts of unstructured data, embarking onto this third wave of artificial intelligence and the art of abstract thinking.

schedule 10:00AM - 10:30AM 10:00AM - 10:20AM : Login / Registration
10:20AM - 10:30AM : Conference Overview
Abhilasha Sinha, Director- Summits, 1.21GWS
speaker 10:30AM - 11:00AM How Cognitive, AI-ML,RPA bringing disruption in business processes. - Click Here for More Info
Amy Fletcher, Associate Professor, The University of Canterbury

speaker 11:00AM - 11:30AM “Scale your Automation with on-demand expertise and products”. - Click Here for More Info
Rajesh Nair,Founder & CEO, Automatorr.com
speaker 11:30AM - 12:00PM Working Smarter - Digitalisation in Finance - Click Here for More Info
Michael Flanderka, Managing Director, Data Interactive

12:00PM - 12:30PM Maximizing ROI for RPA - Click Here for More Info
Naveed Umar Ahmed, RPA & QA Capability Lead (Head of QA CoE), Boral

12:30PM - 01:00PM Key Lessons Learned by Early Adopters - Click Here for More Info
Kedar Deo, Managing Director, Enterprise Architecture, Larsen and Toubro Infotech (LTI)

schedule 01:00PM - 01:30PM Break
speaker 01:30PM - 02:00PM Digital dexterity - Click Here for More Info
Christopher Lim, Founder, CEO, Glee Trees Pte Ltd
speaker 02:00PM - 02:30PM RPA- Technology, Tools & Architecture - Click Here for More Info
Mohamed Haroun, RPA Delivery Manager, TTEC

02:30PM - 03:00PM Business Case for RPA - Click Here for More Info
Rajaneesh Balakrishnan, RPA Lead, 2AutomateAnything
03:00PM - 03:30PM Automation during this pandemic time. Skills of the present & future - Click Here for More Info
Meera Sanghvi, Robotics Transformation Lead for P2P Vertical, HP
03:30PM - 04:00PM Injecting intelligence in my RPA bot - Click Here for More Info
Rohit Garg, Vice President, RRD GO Creative APAC
04:00PM - 04:30PM Cognitive Engineering – Intelligent Enterprise RPA Adoption (ML/AI/IoT and its integration with RPA) - Click Here for More Info
Jonathon Wright, CTO, Digital-Assured

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Early Bird

AUD 249

Till 31 August, 2021

Group Of 3 or more

AUD 299

Till 23 Septembert, 2021

Individual (Standard)

AUD 399

Till 23 September, 2021

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Learn latest techniques and skills required for RPA from industry stalwarts themselves. Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools to understand and acknowledge challenges in RPA, testing, Microservices and Containers. Meet and network with fellow RPA experts from leading companies. Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.
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