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Robotic process automation (RPA) technology is the next frontier for businesses looking to streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately improve the bottom-line.

RPA typically uses artificial intelligence to handle repetitive, rules-based, back-office tasks. And the market is about to experience a period of "explosive" growth.

The RPA market grew 64 percent to $200 million last year and is expected to grow 70 to 90 percent by 2018 because successful pilot projects are inspiring buyer confidence in the technology, the consulting and research firm reports.

However, there are some barriers to adoption, such as IT departments concerned about data security and loss of control. Plus, replacing staff with robots in some sectors, such as government, could become a political minefield.

Join us at RPA Summit in June to hear from subject matter experts currently evaluating RPA for their businesses in areas such as Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation, etc.



Monday, 18 June, 2018
Topic Abstract

RPA Adoption is gaining wide adoption and scale within large enterprises and yet there is a need in the market to have the right foundational structure in place on how to vet the ideas, creating a pipeline of RPA initiatives and eventually manage demand (thus projects) effectively. qBotica is helping our clients bring these elements together and the talk will be summarizing key learnings from our customer experiences as well as sharing best practices surrounding the center of excellence. We will cover Idea Validation, Process Discovery, Demand Management aspects.

Speaker Profile

Mahesh is an acclaimed technology industry leader and CEO of qBotica Inc, a US startup specializing in RPA and Intelligent Process Discovery, a unique approach to discovering and evaluating processes using data science. qBotica also provides RPA COE and RPA Development jumpstart to large organizations and a partner to leading RPA products such as BluePrism, NICE and Kofax Kapow. Mahesh has been recently accepted into Forbes Technology Council. He has also cofounded getkozee.com a revolutionary home services startup using risk and data insights based smart home maintenance for homeowners. Mahesh gives back to the community through development of Startup Ecosystem in Greater Phoenix as a mentor for SeedSpot and Founders Institute as well as helping organize Startup Weekend for TechStars. MAHESH VINAYAGAM, CEO & FOUNDER, QBOTICA INC
Topic Abstract

Speakers will cover the following subjects:
1: Demystifying RPA
2: Why RPA is an important part of digital journey
3: When RPA implementation works

Speaker Profile

Rohit Garg started his career with Citibank Corporate Banking. In his current role as Vice President, Operations at RRD, he manages a number of large Financial Services teams in Asia. He has been speaking at a number of automation conferences and sharing his views on the impact of RPA on the financial services industry. Rohit holds Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from NITIE, Mumbai, India.

Seth Appel is a process and organizational design expert with a track record of success in securing operational gains through automation, shared services, process optimization and advanced analytics. Currently he is a Vice President of Productivity Solutions for RRD and based in NYC. He has an MBA from Yale SOM. Rohit Garg, Vice President - Operations, RRD - GLOBAL OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS, APAC

Seth Appel, Vice President of Productivity Solutions, RRD AND BASED IN NYC
Topic Abstract

What, when and how to design performance matrix for the RPA. A definition and measurement of KPIs is a must for success of RPA journey.

Speaker Profile

Vivek Malhotra has implemented many enterprise business digital transformation solutions. In his current role at UiPath, he is responsible for enabling customer success in RPA CoE setup and deployment. Prior to joining UiPath, he worked for Deloitte, AIG and Ernst & Young. Vivek Malhotra, Customer Success, UiPath
This will be an interactive session where participants will join a table to discuss the round table topic - Robotic Process Automation . Each table has a "Topic Guru" to facilitate the discussion.
Topic Abstract

How to involve humans in real time automation workflows

Speaker Profile

Ziv is the Advanced Process Automation product manager for NICE Systems in Americas region. With a career including software development and consulting management, at his current role Ziv brings together the automation market needs and business trends into NICE's products.

NICE, a leader and star performer in the recent Everest RPA PEAK Matrix, has been perfecting its Attended Desktop automation for years, to enable clients to interact in real-time with robotic automation processes. Ziv Fishfedder, Product Manager - Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence, NICE Ltd
Topic Abstract

AI Driven cognitive automation - A deep dive into how AI can work with RPA to achieve next generation of automation for enterprises

Speaker Profile

Manish co-founded artificial intelligence and robotics company Actionable Science because he is passionate about the power of this new wave of technologies to radically transform the way customers and employees interact with enterprises across industries.

As part of senior management teams at global companies such as Infosys, Capgemini and TechMahindra, Manish has been a catalyst for innovation, always focusing solutions development work on meeting client needs. During the last 2 decades, he has had extensive experience developing go-to-market strategies, managing P&Ls and creating marketing programs, as well as advising on the technical side of business initiatives in transformation, outsourcing, and digital and cloud strategy. Manish Sharma, Business Transformation Leader and Entrepreneur, Actionable Science
Topic Abstract

Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize healthcare. There is enormous opportunity for process automation in healthcare, especially with respect to clinicians' workflow. In this talk, I will discuss selected applications of process automation in clinical workflow, including some of the challenges and workarounds to tech adoption in healthcare.

Speaker Profile

Mayur received his PhD. in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University, in which he applied sophisticated data science and machine learning techniques on sub-cellular processes captured through advanced microscopy. He previously co-founded Ardent Cell Technologies, a cell therapeutics company developing biologics for diabetes and weight loss, where the technology is undergoing human clinical trials. Before joining Columbia, Mayur worked with some of the largest management consulting firms, where he designed strategy and implementation plans for data science/artificial intelligence based healthcare companies. He also worked at Cornell University to develop high-throughput genomic data generation pipelines for using machine learning and other statistical techniques towards the general goal of precision medicine. He worked at the National University of Singapore and A-Star Singapore to develop High Performance Computing infrastructure and methodologies for biological systems. During this time, Mayur consulted for acquisitions of advanced computing technology assets. He finished his engineering degree in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur with a focus on computational technologies for high frequency sensor data. During his undergraduate studies, Mayur was instrumental in starting several successful ventures in different industries including medical technology, image processing, and analytics to name a few. Apart from being the CEO of Droice Labs, an AI/Big Data healthcare company based in NY, Mayur advises healthcare and non-healthcare companies on strategy and implementation of big data/AI focused technologies. Mayur Saxena, Founder, Droice Labs.


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