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Robotic process automation (RPA) technology is the next frontier for businesses looking to streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately improve the bottom-line.

RPA typically uses artificial intelligence to handle repetitive, rules-based, back-office tasks. And the market is about to experience a period of "explosive" growth.

The RPA market grew 64 percent to $200 million last year and is expected to grow 70 to 90 percent by 2018 because successful pilot projects are inspiring buyer confidence in the technology, the consulting and research firm reports.

However, there are some barriers to adoption, such as IT departments concerned about data security and loss of control. Plus, replacing staff with robots in some sectors, such as government, could become a political minefield.

Join us at RPA Summit in March to hear from subject matter experts currently evaluating RPA for their businesses in areas such as Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation, etc.



Thursday, 22 March, 2018

The Challenge:

One housing association we worked with had a property portfolio of 6,000+ properties. The information about the properties and tenants were stored in a central database.
However, the database contained old or inaccurate information of its tenants.
There was no reliable means of determining it and the quality
of data was not sufficient for trends to be analysed.
Housing officers visiting properties had to find out whether the tenants and the data in the system corresponded, then go into the Central Database to update the information.
Robotic Process Automation assisted with this compliance work.

The Solution:

Housing officers visited properties with iPads pre-populated with data from the Central Database.
The data was verified with the tenants. If anything has changed, like a new surname, a new telephone number etc., the housing officer noted this on the iPad.
Back at the office, the data was then moved to an FTP server.
The robot then moved the file from the FTP server, unzips its content and puts it into the Central Database.

The Benefits

- Compliance Adherence: By building up an updated record of its tenants, the housing association complies with current regulations.

- Time Saving: The robot checks and processes one form in 2-4 minutes depending on the number of changes required. It can do this at night if scheduled to do so.

- Cost Reduction: The alternative – to have the housing officer sit down after each visit, log onto the Central Databse and make the changes manually will take considerably longer time and is more prone to error.

- Risk Reduction: The robot does not have any impact or change on existing systems. The robot logs on - like a user – and makes the changes through the User Interface.

- Reduced Admin: Reduced pressure on Housing Officers. They can now prioritise visiting properties rather than work with data input.

Speaker Profile:

Richard hails from Stockholm Sweden. He has delivered several RPA projects for leading UK and global organisations. His key experience spans development, testing and business analysis of complex process automation requirements and realising business benefits of RPA. Richard started his career in Telecoms, working for Ericsson in various capacities in France, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and the UK. His sector experience spans Telecoms, Healthcare (NHS), Finance (ABN Amro, Barclaycard), IT (SAP projects) and EU project evaluations.

Richard has a track record of working with, defining and managing RPA digital transformation programmes from the initial 'as is' process through to the 'wished state' with stakeholders. His speciality is designing and delivering strategic business and organisational RPA change programmes and in obtaining stakeholder engagement and ownership from all levels of the organisation and external stakeholders, customers and suppliers.

Richard's background with a BSc in finance sees him take a financial approach to running programmes and projects, using financial ratios to evaluate projects and programmes. He is experienced in contract negotiations, performance management models, KPIs and with Service Level, Working Level and Performance Level agreements. Richard is experienced in building financial models from scratch and maintaining and updating existing financial models.

Richard holds a PhD in organisational behaviour and ethics, specialising in organisational processes. He also holds an MBA from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Dr Richard Ahl, Principal Automation Consultant, Procorre

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the newest buzzword in the world of machine learning and AI. As a business leader it brings the competitive advantage and as an employee, you will have new prospects and growth with RPA. Modern RPA tools are very powerful and can be used by non-programmer to develop software Roberts capable of automating task earlier performer by human beings. It’s estimated that 30% of the white collar jobs may be replaced by automation by the year 2015.

It delivers quick ROI and has undoubtedly helped companies cut down costs and drive operational efficiencies. By minimizing human error and allowing systems to speak to each other, RPA has delivered some significant improvements to the way business is done.

There will certainly be winners, but there will be losers as well. In fact, according to research by E&Y, between 30% and 50% of all initial RPA projects fail. It is hence imperative to lay a strong foundation for implementing RPA successfully. In my session, I will be sharing the key elements that need to be considered as you plan for implementing RPA.

Speaker Profile:

Manish is an experienced senior business executive, both at a strategic and operational level, with 20+ years of strong international record of accomplishment for driving both growth and delivery of digital solutions. He started his career as an entrepreneur in 1997 to develop online digital solutions and later did multiple roles in his career as a solution architect and programme manager. He is presently working as Vice President for IT Managed Services in Europe, primarily responsible for business P&L and technology services growth through digital technologies.

He has received multiple achievement awards and recognition for his work in the technology sector. He is the recipient of a Genpact's coveted Diamond Award – Leadership Award presented by Genpact for exceptional leadership talent in leading business impact, transformation and continuous improvement and business growth. He has presented the white paper on IT in Service Industry at Sinhgarh University and Business Process model at BPO research conference held at D.Y. Patil College, India.

Manish believes enterprise Digital Technologies along with increasing regulatory pressure are entirely influencing the way modern business activities performed today. Greatest results are steered by applying a design-thinking lead solution focused on the business outcomes. Manish Gupta, Independent Consultant

What are the general barriers to new thinking, what in particular is a challenge for automation, what must you overcome (in Europe) to succeed, who should be involved in automation projects to ensure they make progress, why is automation different from other IT delivery projects.

Speaker Profile:

Rod Willmott was previously the Innovation Director at Liverpool Victoria where he founded the multi award winning LV= Fast Track Innovation team in 2012. The team introduced low-code development, robotic process automation, a range of SaaS services and companywide cultural change into an organisation initially resistant to change.

Rod is a board level influencer, involved in helping organisations change the way they think since the start of his career and over the course of the past 30 years has learnt to help businesses to adapt to the fact that change is ever more pressing.

Rod is also a mentor and judge at the Microsoft Imagine Cup, he is also Board Advisor to Instanda cloud insurance solution and the Club 2020 events panel. Rod Willmott, Co-founder, Wzard Innovation

Case study with one surprising key lesson

Hugh Abbott shares a fascinating RPA case study. The case study features one the world's largest retailers and a fight with a twenty year old database.

Yes - RPA is the technology that unlocked the door to finally automate this heavily manual process.

But - the key lessons from this case study are surprising. The lessons fly in the face of the marketing you may hear from the RPA suppliers. Hugh lays bare the whole project ; from high expectations, through to moments of doubt and finally to delivery and ROI.

This talk covers :
• the business case & ROI
• the manual process architecture
• the automated process architecture

And one surprising key lesson !

Speaker Profile:

Hugh Abbott, Practice Lead
Hugh is Practice Lead for Intelligent Automation at B2E Consulting.
Hugh uses 20 years of Project Management experience to help clients realise the benefits of RPA, ML & NLP.

Most companies store their data on a mix of different systems, from XL to expensive CRM & ERP systems. Intelligent Automation moves data into these systems or between these systems. Intelligent Automation does not redesign business processes, it simply models existing business processes but replaces people with ML, NLP or Software Robots.

When algorithms & silicon replace people, the returns are going to be huge ! Savings of 70 or 80% are not uncommon with Intelligent Automation projects.

Hugh Abbott, Intelligent Automation Practice Lead, B2E Consulting

What is RPA and how to supercharge your workforce...” If you had access to a limitless pool of digital workers to support the activities of your staff and free them to be more productive and efficient, how and where would you put them to work? The session will explore the concept of Robotic Process Automation with Virtual Workers, highlight some use case examples, and stimulate an interactive workshop to identify potential uses in your organization.

Speaker Profile:

Philip is the “Head of Public Sector” at Thoughtonomy; responsible for the strategic engagement and development across the various verticals within the Public Sector. He is focused on driving managed and sustainable growth at Thoughtonomy, whilst delivering clear business value for the client as well as enhancing the delivery of front-line public services. Philip has over 12 years’ experience of engaging with the UK Public Sector across IT, Telco and Consulting services. Philip Sheen, Head of Public Sector, Thoughtonomy

Introducing automation into your organisation can be a challenging undertaking. Industry analysts claim at least one third of automation pilots outright fail and this doesn’t count those which never manage to get started in the first place! Wherever you are on your own automation journey, from first thoughts, to piloting, to scaling, there are common challenges faced and practical advice from early adopters on how to address them.

Speaker Profile:

Rob King is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt with 25 years’ experience in helping organisations to develop new technologies, drive operational efficiency, deliver lean transformation programmes, manage strategic operations and aid the creation of a clear business strategy.

Since 2013 the growth of Robotic Process Automation has been a key focus area, working closely with key suppliers to test and deliver a variety of solutions.

Rob has a successful track record in building a cultural change programme from the ground up, delivering innovation, digital transformation and operational efficiency.

He is a Regular advisor, speaker and blogger on the topic of Robotic Automation and AI with experience in delivery from pilot/evaluation through the full roll-out and developing a centre of excellence.

With advances in new business technologies an ability to apply lean thinking is a powerful approach for organisations to drive a faster pace of change with increased emphasis on self-sufficiency and reduced dependency on monolithic IT approaches. Rob King, Director, Chief Operating, Wzard

We will describe a success case where we had develop a complex project that read email, fax, sms and ticket, all this sources are unstructured. Our system understand the content in order to divede in cluster. Several robots are trigghed for order entry, structured replay whit document and other complex action. The system learn from the action taken from the operators and manage ever more case.

Speaker Profile:

VincixGroup's CEO and Founder. RPA Architect with over 10 years of experience and 200+ RPA project delivered. Vincenzo Marchica, Founder & CEO, VinciX Group

Giovanni will describe how VincixGroup introduced 2 years ago RPA-AAS for several customer and will talk about the next trend and evolutions about this kind of solutions.

Speaker Profile:

Director of Vincix Group Holding.

- Manager with broad international exposure, who governs particularly dynamic and complex organizations.

- Extremely focused and persistent in reaching goals, through robust technical skills, extensive sales experience, total reliability and integrity.

- Team Building leader, who listens to his associates and colleagues, stimulating and enabling them to meet their challenges.

- MBA from IESE (Spain) Giovanni Sestili, Director, VINCIX GROUP HOLDING LTD | Partner at Arctos Partners Advisors
  Sudip Roy, Associate Consultant- Prosevartner | RPA Consultant, Moore Stephens


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