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Robotic process automation (RPA) technology is the next frontier for businesses looking to streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately improve the bottom-line.

RPA typically uses artificial intelligence to handle repetitive, rules-based, back-office tasks. And the market is about to experience a period of "explosive" growth.

The RPA market grew 64 percent to $200 million last year and is expected to grow 70 to 90 percent by 2018 because successful pilot projects are inspiring buyer confidence in the technology, the consulting and research firm reports.

However, there are some barriers to adoption, such as IT departments concerned about data security and loss of control. Plus, replacing staff with robots in some sectors, such as government, could become a political minefield.

Join us at RPA Summit in September to hear from subject matter experts currently evaluating RPA for their businesses in areas such as Finance, Procurement, HR, Outsourcing, Automation, etc.



Friday, 14 September, 2018
Topic Abstract

The first couple of steps in a project can make or break an RPA Implementation in your organization. In this presentation we will provide real-world examples of what has worked and not worked in establishing a foundation for successful & sustainable RPA implementations. Donald Sweeny, Founder and Chicago Board of Directors, Ashlings Partners

Marshall Sied, Co-Founder, Ashlings Partners

Topic Abstract

While a high percentage of people are already familiar with the basics of RPA and the significant cost savings and efficiencies that RPA can bring to your organization by automating high volume, transactional processes in multiple functions, there is not as much clarity when it comes to setting up a Center of Excellence that will deliver ongoing value in a scalable fashion. The purpose of this presentation is to call out key lessons to jump start your Robotics Journey, based on my experience over the past 18 months.

Speaker Profile

Anish Sharan is an operational excellence leader with over fifteen years of experience in deploying global business transformation programs and strategies across F500 organizations that have delivered over $100MM in hard financial benefits. As a business improvement director at CME group, Anish is currently leading the charge to deploy robotization at CME group. A coach, trainer and a mentor, Anish enjoys learning lean thinking and discussing the limitless possibilities of intelligent automation.

Anish holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and is Master Black Belt. Anish Sharan, Director, Business Process Improvement, CME Group
Topic Abstract

With exponentially increasing ways and needs to store, record and track data from every interaction and touchpoint, it has an explosive, multi-faceted challenge of making sense of that humungous data for an actionable insight. Regardless of the industry, AI based solutions can be creatively implemented for virtually any industry and any business use case, whether it is Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Inventory optimization, Product life cycle etc., Veda Konduru, Founder, CEO | AI Tech Entrepreneur, VectorScient
This will be an interactive session where participants will join a table to discuss the round table topic - Robotic Process Automation . Each table has a "Topic Guru" to facilitate the discussion.
Topic Abstract

Let's have a conversation on the art of possible. You've automated, now what? Process level data is powerful. There is a lot you can explore once you have unlocked process level data through RPA in using advanced tools, connecting disparate systems, unstructured data sets via Intelligent automation models as well as utilizing Machine Learning and Blockchain Neill D. Osika, Vice President, Myndshft
Topic Abstract

RPA's simplicity brings new complexities to Organizational operating models with the introduction of the Digital Workforce. Building a sustainable Center of Excellence/Enablement is a critical component to navigating this complexity. In this segment we'll explore the new governance, collaboration, and workforce skillset transformation needed to establish the hybrid digital/human operating model. Lauren Lang, Associate Director, Proviti - RPA
Topic Abstract

One of the use cases of RPA is to read data from one application and input it into another application

Based on the process complexity, UI Complexity, and the data integration approach of the organization it may be prudent to consider an alternate approach such as APIs to move data and we present a framework comparing RPA vs APIs along these dimensions Adriel Frederick, Senior Consultant - Capital Market, Cognizant
Oliver Tan, Field Application Engineer and Robotics Specialist, Braas Company


The RPA Conferences features insightful talks by recognized thought-leaders addressing the actual developments and trends in RPA. Discussions and presentations by a variety of speakers at a series of past and upcoming events elucidate solution based details that will help you face RPA challenges with confidence. You will find a mix of speakers from diverse organizations sharing their real experiences and expert insights with the event participants.

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